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Child Mindfulness - Introduction Programme

Online - Dates to be agreed with client
1 hour class for 6 weeks - £5 per class

The introduction programme sparks your child's interest in Mindfulness and the idea of training the mind.  I try and encourage your child's curiosity in their faculties of attention and present moment awareness.  They will learn about why focusing on the breath is a helpful tool to them.  They shall also be taught how resisting experiences can often make things worse.  Lastly, they shall discover how mindfulness enables them to enjoy positive things in their life and how to have gratitude for others.

  • Lesson One - Training the mind and Introducing Awareness

  • Lesson Two - The Benefits of Breathing

  • Lesson Three - Allowing and Letting Be

  • Lesson Four - Beginners Mind

  • Lesson Five - Willpower

  • Lesson Six - Being Grateful and Appreciating Others

6 Week course paid in full upfront

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