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Testimonials: Testimonials

I have suffered for years with a bad back and lower limb aching.  A friend recommended Carla.  I have had a massage from Carla every 8-10 weeks over the past year and this is the best I have felt for years, no more muscle spasms and constant aching.  I have saved a fortune on chiropractors, which I was previously seeing every fortnight.  I would highly recommend Carla

I Wilshear

I have always suffered with upper back and neck aches and strains, which led to numerous migraines.  Carla suggested a Thai Yoga Massage, which releases tension and stress across the whole body.
The experience was totally relaxing and during and afterwards I felt like I'd done a good hour of yoga myself!  My body felt relaxed and awakened at the same time.  I truly felt each muscle had been gently stretched and coaxed from what was no doubt a poor position through desk work and screen time.  Carla made me feel at ease and that I could totally trust her during the practice and I am looking forward to booking my next session very soon.  I would highly recommend Carla as both a professional and also a spiritual practitioner.

N Evans

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